Together in Electric dreams

I have recently collected my new Nissan Leaf, to provide automatic lessons in Hastings.

image of automatic driving lessonsMy decision started last year when I had turned yet another pupil away to another automatic instructor, however I started to wonder how I could be that tiny bit different.

I had seen the Top Gear where they had misused the electric car by trying to do a very long drive where they are just not suitable yet, although give it five years……

So I trundled off to my local Nissan dealership and arranged my three day test.

I was shown around the Leaf and told to take it away and enjoy. I silently eased out of the parking space and down to the end of the road and away.

It was immediate inspiration to me, this was the perfect car to teach people to drive in, especially nervous pupils who had maybe tried manual and not liked it or who didn’t want to learn with a clutch, for whatever reason.

The car is built to an almost limousine quality, there is no wind noise or rattles, it is beautifully balanced and glides down the road with an invisible force pushing you along.

Sold I was, did I mention that? My mind made up I was actually sorry to hand it back!

Fast forward five months and MY Nissan Leaf is sitting on the drive, dual brake fitted and ready to go!

It feels good to be doing my piece for the environment as I use no fossil fuel directly for the car and therefore produce no harmful gases and whether you are a climate change believer or not, if it keeps the air cleaner for our children then it can be no bad thing.

First pupil, a young lady who suffers with anxiety quite badly. We had managed left and right turns but the car and clutch were causing panic attacks so I suggested trying the Leaf.

image of automatic driving lessonsThe result was instantaneous and more positive than I could have dreamed, she drove it well and confidently with a smile that would make several toothpaste companies interested! Her reaction at the end was ‘this is awesome, I haven’t panicked once!’

Second pupil has reacted in the same way, ‘this car is a revelation!’

The Leaf is an amazing classroom for anyone wanting to pass quickly and safely, for those who are nervous or have tried with the manual and just can’t get it, there’s no shame in admitting this and I have to say from experience those who have driven an automatic first almost always pass the manual test first time as they already know how to drive and only have to learn about clutch and gears!

Why not come and try this amazing car with Beeline Driver Training?

At the time of writing I am the ONLY instructor in the South East to be using a Nissan Leaf.

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