My ADI standards check Test, here is my story……..

Its 2am and I have just woken with a terrible feeling of foreboding as today is the day when a stranger from the DVSA lets me know if I am a good instructor or not!image for my adi standards check

I go through in my mind “have I got the right pupil? Am I going to instruct the right subject? Am I good enough?”

Finally I drop back off to sleep again and awake again at 5.30 just in time to take my wife to work and do my first lesson, yes life must continue even on this day!

First lesson at 6.45am till 7.45 goes well, next is at 9am so I go home and vacuum the car and ensure that everything is in place for midday!

Next lesson seems to whistle past and before I know it I am on my way to Rye to collect the pupil who my instruction of will determine how I continue my chosen path of driver training.

We arrive at Hastings test centre at around 11.50 and I leave my pupil in the car, my nerves are jangling so loudly now that I am surprised my knees aren’t shaking!

One of the local examiners spots me and comes into the waiting room and asks if I am on my ADI Standard Check and offers good luck I’m sure you’ll be fine, ‘you wouldn’t be if you were inside my head now pal’ I think!!

Out comes Lynton the examiner who immediately puts me at ease and then asks lots of questions about me, my business and the pupil, I explain that she’s part trained and that we have had an issue with stopping behind give way lines this morning, but I feel we have resolved the issue (ha ha ha see later on!), he goes on to explain the format of the ADI standards check and concedes that he is about ten minutes behind and that if we are back in by 1.05 that will be fine.

What am I going to instruct for my ADI Standards Check

Our planned lesson was to cover the turn in the road, on arrival at the Ridge to emerge left it became clear to me that the issue wasn’t resolved and we had stopped with our nose just over in the road, when we could have gone if she had looked earlier, alarm bells start to ring in my head ‘will I be able to do my planned lesson?’

As we make our way down on to the estate where I had planned to instruct the turn in the road and make a left turn taking the same line as I would have taken when I used to drive the 21 bus service, I identify this to her and say “don’t worry we’ll have a chat in a moment”.

We continue down the road and it becomes clear to me that I am going to have to change my plan and deal with problems that have raised their heads, whether as a result of the SE in the back or purely bad luck I’m not sure, but regardless I have to sort them.

I suggest when we have stopped, after removing my sunglasses to speak to her, that maybe we need to address the positioning and use of the MSPSL routine, especially regarding the “look” bit.

Meanwhile my mouth is so dry I am having difficulty unsticking my lips and tongue I am having to swig a mouthful of water every time we stop!

This was the pattern for the next hour, left turn, discuss, next one improvement, ‘how do you feel?’, then prompt with another enquiry as to feelings and continue on to independent and then have to return to guided stage!

I felt at this point that things were going wrong and then Emma suddenly says about emerging left on a small incline “that’s where I panic a little!” it was like a light bulb lit up in my head, so I probed as to why, the answer was that she was worried about the clutch, which is actually one of her strong points, so I suggested possibly if she could use the handbrake rather than panicking on the emerge fumbling for the biting point, it worked! Then as if it was set up, which it wasn’t, we had a meeting situation on a hill and without prompting or comment from me she held the car perfectly on the clutch as the other car passed. I gave praise and suggested that if she could do it there she could do it at ‘that’ left emerge and would she like to do it again?

She did it again for the I don’t know how many times prior and nailed it! We continued back to the test centre via a very busy right emerge which she handled beautifully and left, perfectly, into the road to the test centre.

The resulting grade was an A!

success-clipart-success_signI lost points for my risk planning at the beginning for not asking who was in control of the car and explaining the shared responsibility for safety, but an A is an A and I try not to allow the same mistakes twice, I make new ones!

My advice to anyone having a ADI Standards Check soon is:

Keep it simple
If you see it, say it!
Don’t be afraid to change the lesson plan if all doesn’t go to plan.
Have water in the car so you can wash your mouth if it goes dry.
Don’t go mad reading all the forums, be yourself not someone you think the examiner wants to see, it wont work.
Good luck!

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