Beeline Driving School offers Intensive Driving Lessons Hastings for those who are in a hurry to pass their test. Whether it’s because they want a job that requires you to drive or you just want independence faster. Here at beeline we can offer Driving Lessons which are weekly lessons or Intensive Driving Lessons in Hastings. It depends on how available you are and how much time you have to pass. Either way we will help you to the best of our ability.

How will Intensive Driving Lessons Hastings benefit you?

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An intensive driving course can be great when starting your lessons from scratch or just wanting to brush up on your skills before sitting your test.  Intensive lessons can range from a daily two hour lesson to consecutive days of back to back lessons – we can be as flexible as you need us to be!

Our Intensive Driving Lessons Hastings are tailored to meet your individual needs. How do we tailor our Intensive Driving Lessons to suit individual needs? We look at; previous experience, how quickly you learn and we see what you would like to achieve whilst being in the car with one of our driving instructors.

How do Intensive Driving Lessons Hastings work?

For our intensive courses start and finish at Hastings train station. You will need to have passed your theory test before we can book your practical driving test so ideally before you book the course.

The first hour will be an assessment to check you have booked the correct course however we will advise you of the best course for you when you book. Normally lessons run 9.00-13.00 and 14.00-18.00

All our Intensive Driving Lesson Hasting courses come with;

  • Our unique test pass guarantee*
  • First time pass bonus**
  • DVSA guide to driving, ‘Driving the Essential Skills’
  • Highway Code
  • DVSA book of signs
  • Handouts and progress sheets
  • Beeline Exclusive Pen

Intensive lessons Hasting course options

  • 40hr intensive driving course Inc. all the above Manual and Automatic £1800
  • 30hr intensive driving course Inc. all the above Manual and Automatic £1400
  • 20hr intensive driving course Inc. all the above Manual and Automatic £1000
  • 10hr intensive driving course Inc. all the above Manual and Automatic £500

As a rough guide a learner who has no experience of driving at all will be needing the 40hr course.

You may learn at a quicker pace than others and therefore might be able to fit more aims into one session. Whereas with someone else we may be able to only fit one aim in. It does depend on the individuals capability to whether they have to have a 40 hour or 20 hour course.


Intensive course information: Theory test must be passed before booking a course Day runs from 9am till 1pm or 2pm till 6pm monday to friday. Test subject to availability Friday afternoon. All courses are pick up and drop off at Hastings Train Station. Included in the price i: DVSA Guide to driving ‘the essential skills’, Highway Code and book of signs, Handouts and progress sheets and Beeline Exclusive pen!

FREE theory help!

Whether you are carrying out weekly Driving Lessons or Intensive Driving courses, we can offer FREE theory help which is included in our price of our Driving Lessons. Once you have carried out your first session, you would call the office and ask for a log in. They would send you the details via email so you can get UNLIMITED access. The app has 1000’s of mock questions and loads of hazard perception videos. Call us on 03302 230 559 and then we can help you out with not only your Intensive Driving Courses but your theory test too. Once you are confident you are ready to book your Theory test

How do I book?

If you would like to find out some more information regarding our intensive driving lessons Hastings or if you would like to book, then call 03302 230 559

*free retest includes 5 hour tuition.

**If you pass first time then you can claim a half price Pass Plus (£90 instead of £180) or £90 cashback.