Image of winter drivingHow good is your winter driving?

This morning I was pondering winter driving while taking my wife to work at 6.30am, the drive involved going through some country lanes in order to get there.

After having to take some form of extra action other than slowing and moving over a little because the other driver was coming at me like a cruise missile it got me thinking;

Could they stop if something happened?
Were they thinking about something happening?
How would they feel if something actually did happen?

A shocking statistic is five people die each day on our roads, doesn’t sound a lot does it?

However, when you think about it that’s five families devastated by a death, a father, mother, son or daughter gone. There are then extended family and friends, possibly a business or employer who will be affected by this tragedy. At this time of year, you hear a lot about deaths on our roads and while some is attributed to drink, much is about driver’s poor abilities at winter driving

Bearing in mind that with dark mornings and evenings, there are people who dress in dark clothing who walk their dogs, cyclists without lights, this may be fool hardy but people do it anyway and would you like that on your conscience?

Winter Driving stopping
When you are travelling at 30 mph the highway code says it will take you 23 metres to bring the vehicle you are driving to a stop, it also says that you should be able to stop within the distance you can see on your side of the road, if you are overtaking in the dark in a 30mph area when the vehicle you’re passing is doing 30mph, especially on a dark obstructed left hand bend, how can you do any of the above?

If we were to cut our speed and travel at the limit IF IT IS SAFE TO DO SO, I wonder how many of these tragic deaths could be avoided.

At Beeline Driver Training the emphasis is on safety and progressive driving and that vital question “what if?”

By asking ‘what if?’ before entering into a situation you will give yourself vital seconds to plan your next action, to see that pedestrian dressed in black walking their black dog as you catch them in your headlight, or to see the young cyclist who is on his BMX without lights in black.

There are no certainties in life but with careful planning on a drive YOU can make a difference.

Try to be certain of what’s happening; ‘I didn’t think they were there’ won’t cut it!
If you can’t be certain proceed with caution being prepared for anything, by doing this you can avoid making one of these daily statistics.

Beeline driving school and winter driving
Stay safe on these winter driving roads; make sure your car is and you are winter driving ready.
Make sure all your lights work on a daily basis, check your tyre pressures (including the spare) and ensure your wipers work and the washer reservoir is full before any journey, at Beeline we do a free for pupils car maintenance course at ATS in Hastings. If you are unsure how to check then please call to find out the next date.

Thank you for reading and “getting the Buzz around town” with Beeline Driver Training.