Beeline Driving School has friendly and patient driving instructors. They have an in-depth knowledge of the roads of Westfield and surrounding areas. This allows the instructors to tailor your driving lessons.

image of offerIntensive Driving Lessons Westfield

We also offer Intensive courses. How do i book an Intensive Course? You would speak to us on the phone, arrange a suitable time for you and the instructor, he will then pick you up from your chosen pick up point. On the day of the intensive course you will take a mini assessment for the instructor to see how many hours that they think you will need. The mini assessment is also for the instructor so they can cater the course for you to pass in the most effective way possible. The intensive course can be tailored to you and your needs. Whether you need 3 hours a day over 2/3 weeks or want 5 hours a day and pass within a week. That would be something that would be discussed between you and your fully qualified instructor.

Refresher driving lessons Westfield

Refresher driving lessons Westfield tend to be for people who have maybe passed their test but haven’t driven in a while. Therefore, would like to know how to drive a car again. We offer these refresher driving lessons to anyone who thinks they need them to gain confidence in a car or just wants to be a more safer and sensible driver. Re-learning your driving and topping up on your driving skills dramatically reduces the risk to you, passengers and others.

Pass Plus

We offer Pass Plus. It contains 6 hrs of training which can involve many different types of Driving Lessons Rye. Beeline offers pass plus to not only improve skills but to also improve safety. Another positive of carryng out a pass plus course is that it significantly lowers car insurance! This course can be taken at any time. However, it is most effective to take within a year of passing your driving test.

How to book your driving lessons Westfield

To book your driving Lessons Westfield online use our online booking form. Alternatively, you can call us on 03302 230 559You can also use the chat widget below.