Driving Lessons Eastbourne

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Here at our driving school Eastbourne we have the type of driving lessons you need whatever you are looking for. We can make your driving lessons fit around you as we offer both day time and evening lessons. Beeline Driving School Eastbourne is for many different experienced drivers. We also offer intensive driving course for anyone who doesn’t have all the time in the world to have driving lessons or anyone who needs to be able to drive for their job. Whatever your driving school needs we can help you.

Drive through of Eastbourne


Our Driving School would be more than happy to let you have your driving lessons in Eastbourne driving around to see all the attractions whilst teaching you how to drive. We are always offering great deals in the Eastbourne, so click the link and give us a call and get your driving lessons booked in.

Theory Test Help

When you have your first lesson with beeline driving school, we can offer you FREE theory test help. Whether you are struggling with your theory test or you haven’t taken it yet and you just need to revise, this app will be just what you need. Once you have completed your 2 hour driving lesson Eastbourne,you would phone up the office and ask for a login. This will be done instantly and then it is up to you then whether you use the app effectively or not. The app includes hazard perception, questions and mini mock tests, it also has a time on it if you would like to time yourself. Carrying out driving lessons Eastbourne and revising for your theory is the best way for you to pass your theory test in our opinion.

Book your driving lessons in Eastbourne

To book your driving lessons Eastbourne online click one of the links above. Alternatively you can call us on 03302 230 559 or email us info@beelinedrivertraining.co.uk You can also use the chat widget below.