image of automatic driving lessonsAdvantages of carrying out automatic driving lessons are;

1, Carrying out Automatic Driving Lessons means that you dont have to deal with the stresses of changing gear.

2, You actually learn quicker with automatic driving lessons. This is due to not having to learn when and how to change the gears because an automatic vehicle does that for you.

3, Most makes and models such as Ford etc. now have automatic models. This means you are now able to drive nearly any car that you would like. 4, Automatic vehicles are a lot less stressful because the car does all of the thinking for you, for example; changes the gears for you, doesn’t over rev the vehicle and waste fuel and no gear selecting makes your life so much easier.

How are automatic driving lessons easier?

If you have already carried out manual driving lessons and didn’t get on well with them, whether it be hand eye co ordination or not getting on well with the clutch, we can help you achieve what you would like to achieve in an automatic vehicle. With automatic driving lessons, there would be no need to worry about gear changes or the clutch! Therefore, it is so much easier to learn how to drive! Call now on 03302 230 559 to book!

Is free theory test help included?

image of automatic driving lessonsThere is FREE unlimited theory help. Once you have carried out your first automatic driving lesson with beeline driving school. All you would have to do is phone the office on 03302 230 559 and simply ask. Yes, it is as simple as that! Once you have done this, then your log in details would be sent straight to your email address. All you would have to do then is download the app and then carry out revision for your theory test.

How do I book?

Call 03302 230 559 now! If you need to carry out automatic driving lessons, call now to book your first automatic driving lesson with beeline driving school!